Review by Kari

I have a solid base in French, but with few occasions to use the language in my day-to-day life, I have seen my level of fluency decline over years of disuse. With a group visiting our school from France this winter, I was inspired to dedicate some time to resuscitating my languishing skills. I was so fortunate to find Hermance. She is highly professional, unfailingly punctual and prepared, flexible, and truly knowledgeable about the rules of French grammar. What’s more, since she came to me for our lessons, scheduling was highly convenient. Perhaps most important, Hermance is not the terrifyingly stern French teacher of my youth, but a genuinely warm and friendly person. I was immediately comfortable with her, which meant that conversation (though liberally peppered with grammatical errors on my part) was never stilted or difficult. I am very happy to recommend her.