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Boost my French is designed for French learners and francophiles who want to discover more about French language and culture. We offer online classes and work all over the US and beyond. A large selection of French books through our library is also available to support your online teaching and learning.

Meet Hermance 👋

Hello! My name is Hermance, your new French teacher!

I'm originally from the region of Lorraine in France and moved to California ten years ago. In 2014, I launched Boost my French to offer personalized French lessons and share my passion for the French language and culture. I enjoy working on new lesson plans, developing activities and best practices to make the learning process creative and fun for adult learners. With Boost my French, we will make an assessment of your skills, whether you are beginner, intermediate or experienced, and will design together a program in accordance to your goals.
À bientôt !

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Online lessons are offered in a variety of formats: basic French, travel French, business French, literature, conversation and many more. Programs are individualized and customized to your level and needs.

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Expiration, refund and transfer policy - Please note that all packages are valid for 6 months since date of purchase. All sales are final and non-refundable. Package expiration cannot be changed, altered or extended. Class packages cannot be transferred or shared.
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We provide fast and high quality document translation services between French and English for letters, forewords, articles, essais, resumes or websites.
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Hermance is a magnificent teacher. I was so lucky to have found her, she’s exactly the person I was looking for to strengthen my study of French. She is a dedicated, skillful instructor, and not only are her private lessons highly enjoyable, her consistent and personalized re-caps allow the student to build vocabulary and grammar organically and naturally based on real communication and its patterns.

Amy, Playwright

Jay, English Teacher
I have been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) at the college and university level since 1999. As a language educator myself, I can be quite critical of instructors who have the linguistic knowledge required to teach a language but rarely the ability to impart that knowledge in a comprehensible and effective manner, much less the disposition or patience to deal with non-native speakers.
I love BoostmyFrench! Hermance Doyon is a patient, professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated French teacher. There is no substitute for learning a foreign language from a native speaker from both a listening and speaking perspective. Hermance brings expertise in french pronunciation, idiomatic expressions, and fascinating cultural insights into every lesson that only a native speaker can.

Paul, CTO

Kari, School Administrator
I have a solid base in French, but with few occasions to use the language in my day-to-day life, I have seen my level of fluency decline over years of disuse. With a group visiting our school from France this winter, I was inspired to dedicate some time to resuscitating my languishing skills.